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How to Find a Short Term Furnished Rental in NYC

Nov 09, 2022
9 min read
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Navigating Short Term Rental Ownership in Florida
Whether you’re a first time vacation home owner or looking to make a little extra income on your beach house, it IS possible to navigate the Florida short term rental market. Use our guide to navigate the registration, regulations, and taxes in the layered landscape of short term rental ownership in Florida.
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What is a Short Term Rental and What to Know as a Potential Property Owner
The short term rental market is certainly appealing as both leisure and business travel begin to pick up pace. Understanding what a short term rental is and what is required to turn your residential dwelling into a short-term rental property can help you decide if it’s the right fit for you.
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The Ultimate Guide to Renting in NYC 2023
To secure a rental in NYC for 2023, it will require research, preparation, and good negotiation skills. It’s a ‘landlord’s market’ right now, with vacancy down -1% year-over-year and no growth in new inventory. To make your life easier and help you find your dream apartment, we’ve crafted the Ultimate Guide to Renting in NYC in 2023 to arm even the seasoned New Yorkers with important information to make this harrowing process a little less frustrating.
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